July 15, 2009

"Stable", adjective, from Latin stabilis

Main Entry: stable
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): sta·bler \l ""
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French estable, stable, from Latin stabilis, from stare to stand Date: 13th century

1 a: firmly established : fixed, steadfast b: not changing or fluctuating : unvarying c: permanent, enduring 2 a: steady in purpose : firm in resolution b: not subject to insecurity or emotional illness : sane, rational 3 a (1): placed so as to resist forces tending to cause motion or change of motion (2): designed so as to develop forces that restore the original condition when disturbed from a condition of equilibrium or steady motion b (1): not readily altering in chemical makeup or physical state (2): not spontaneously radioactive

Are you scratching your head yet wondering what the heck I am getting at?

Well I picked up my copy of the scans and the Radiologist’s report and within the seven page report lies the bottom line, the conclusion the good news!

CT Scan: Impression
1) Stable sclerotic foci within L2 vertebral body consistent with blastic metastatic disease from the patient's known prostate cancer. No new sclerotic metastses are identified.

2) No evidence of hepatic metastatic disease or abdominal lymphadenopathy.

1) Stable sclerotic lesions within the hips and bones of the pelvis consistent with metastatic disease from the patient's known prostate cancer. No new osseous lesions are indentified.

Full Body Bone Scan
Stable bone scan with uptake in multiple pelvic osseous metastases. There is no scintigraphic evidence of new osseous metastatic disease since February 23, 2009

All this means is that the overall disease appears to be stable. On Monday we will find out what the blood and other markers (PSA, CTC, BAP etc) are indicating and we'll go from there.

Not sure what the options are, but we’ll be sure to let you know once we discuss with Dr. V, and perhaps Dr. L in Houston


Anonymous said...

Hey David. Great news on the bone scan. Really great news. Thanks for the update.

Peace be with you my brother.


Anonymous said...

Stable is a good thing, isn't it! Glad to hear the results and that you recovered quickly from the bad reaction the other day. Thanks as always for keeping us updated. This disease surely does make us appreciate normal routine life.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Stable is good. Most importantly you are also doing great with everything you have going for you in your life. I am very lucky to know a wonderful soul, a wonderful person, like you.

We love you and your family much!

Tony & Ruthie

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of you and was rewarded with the good news! I like stable - it's a very good thing so whatever you're doing keep it up!
Hoping for the best for you,
Your Florida Friends,
Don & Susan

John Wagner said...

Catching up on my reading. Stable is one of my favorite words lately. As I said a while back on my blog, stable ain't just for horses. Congratulations on your excellent results.

Anonymous said...

David... Great news.. I like Stable also.

Tom T.

ps... ya Im still around.