January 05, 2009

Happy days are here again....

We're feeling pretty ecstatic after today's treatment.

PSA: 29.58  down from 38.99 or approximately 24%

Wooo Hooo!


Replicant said...

very, very good news!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Real Nice. That's great news.

God bless you.


Anonymous said...

David , '
I am very Happy for You.
That is a substantial response
My Prayer is that it will continue

John Wagner said...


I am doing a happy dance for you right now (not a pretty sight). So very good to start this new year with that good news. I pray the reports continue this positive trend!

Heather Hull said...

That's fantastic David! I'll have to bring in some celebration treats next week!

Maryann Lucas said...

Hi David, Congrats! I'm Maryann and my husband was just diagnosed with prosate ca with mets to the bones. I'm just starting to enter uncharted territory. Learning and doing research. I would so much enjoy talking with you and learning from you. Since we are stage 4, time is of the essence. If you like, my e-mail is marylucas@wi.rr.com
Thanks Maryann

bouldentwo said...

That is very good news, David. Congratulations.

No response from you on the writing project of your life, so let's drop the idea as you have plenty of other matters that should have priority.

Many blessings, Jim

Anonymous said...

YEEEEEHAAAA... Great news David..

Tom T.

Anonymous said...

Great news!! Now if we can just get the basketball team to win. I see where Bradley gets his "scrapiness." Our continued prayers for you all. You rock! Dana Arth