November 24, 2008

What's up with you? Don't ask me.....

It's my PSA, up to 39.97 (from 31.18)

What the hell?  
Yesterday's post was 100% dead on regarding my feeling better than I have in weeks, so where does this come from?

Dr. V tried to put a positive spin on it "... it's only one data point, PSA can go up and down.." blah, blah, etc.
I appreciate his comments, but as you know, we were looking for it to go in the other direction, looking for the downward trend to continue.

So we just keep on keeping on; I am minutes away from Chemo # 9 (of 12). Two treatments from now, when we come in on January 5th, we will make, or come close to making a decision about what will be the next treatment after we have completed this regimen.  The likely choice will be DES. DES is an oral pill taken once daily. It is basically women's estrogen.

Before beginning DES I will have to have one treatment of radiation across my breast bone. This is to help alleviate one of the potential side effects, breast enlargement.
Yeah, that's right, it just keeps getting better and better!

Before making this decision, we obviously have a little research to do. There are a few other clinical trials we might consider, including Provenge. 

It's all so crazy, unpredictable; I feel great, my bone scan was stable but......

A MUSIC UPDATE: I haven't included any musical suggestions in quite some time.
Last night I downloaded Darius Rucker's new album. If you don't recognize the name, he is/was the front man for "Hootie and the Blowfish". Well it seems Darius went a little country! I just listened to it in the lobby, it's really good. His strong voice come through loud clear all without too much 'twang'! It's a keeper, I give it two thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

dont give up the fight .. hang in there.. You have seen set backs before.

we are all rooting for you!

Tom T.

Anonymous said...


The doctor is right - one data point of many. Obviously we hoped that it would go the other direction, but it's nothing you can't handle.

looking forward to poker tonite - it'll be good to laugh with good friends!