November 11, 2008

Gloom without doom

OK, so you lovers of Fall, now what?

The leaves have all fallen and the gloominess of Fall/Winter has arrived in Kansas City
like a Mac truck! It was in the seventies last week, and now it's been rainy for two days and
the temperatures are hovering around 40! Bah humbug!!

It looks like this weekend disc golf will make it's annual return to the course in the woods, or "Down Under' as it is called. Ignoring the comments of my first paragraph, I love it! I'll snap a few photo's and include in an upcoming post.
Mary just called with the results of yesterday's blood test and bone scan.
Bone scan results - good news, no changes from the end of August!!
Blood Test - stay away from me! White and red blood cell counts now at an all time low!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

David ,
Good news on the bone scan ,thats great.
I am wondering if they would suggest iron supplements for the RBC and possibly nulasta or luikine for the WBC
Dan J