November 04, 2008

Ever so brief.....

The good news is my PSA is down another 10% to 31.18
I was hoping to drop into the twenties but I am not complaining!!

Of course that was followed up by another night of no sleep. I woke up at 12:45 after less than two hours of restless sleep. I didn't fall back asleep until after 4:30 so I started the morning on just three hours of sleep.

I did watch a few more episodes of Dexter (again, very twisted) and I watched Ironman, loved it!

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Two data points does a trend make. YES! Great election day news. May the trend continue.


John Wagner said...

10% is a significant number and another decrease is certainly the right direction. Congratulations, and I pray this trend continues!

william.manning said...


I have been following you and your story for a while now. Keep on keeping on and I hope and pray your PSA continues to drop.

I have advanced PC and did 7 cycles of tax earlier this year combined with ADT (continuing). You can see my story at I go for a PSA test and follow up visit next week.

Good Luck.

Bill Manning

Anonymous said...

Cool... you are going in the right direction!!!!! wish the stock market would go in the OTHER direction.. :)

Thanks for the update buddy..

Tom T.

Anonymous said...

10% is good news and let's hope for another decrease.
Undisturbed sleep is what you need...nothing like it. Let's add that to the list of needs for you!

Stay strong David,
Your Florida friends