July 01, 2008

What the lack of sleep and large doses of steroids do to your mind!

This morning I woke at 1:30, just three hours after falling asleep. When I say I woke, I don't mean I simply rolled over, I was wide awake.

As I began to curse the Dex (Decadron) this one hit wonder, from the early days of MTV came to mind.:
"Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners was the biggest-selling British single of 1982. Remember when MTV actually played videos?! It's funny how your mind works......funny or frightening!

So, what is one to do at 1:30am? I didn't want to turn on the television and wake Mary or turn on a light to read for the same reason. So I reached for my iPod and began to watch "The Wire" - www.hbo.com/thewire My brother Dan told me about this show months ago but I wanted to start with season 1. In anticipation of last night, I used my Fathers Day gift and purchased the first season from iTunes over the weekend. This is great television; a cop show set in Baltimore that is "gritty, tough. real"!

By 4:30 I had watched the first two and a half episodes and thought I better try to get some sleep. I got two.


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Anonymous said...

Hmm, don't know what the above was about. Perhaps Angela was up all night, too.