July 29, 2008

"WBC" at an all time low....

I just received a fax with the results of Monday's blood test and my white blood cells have run off somewhere!
WBC count: 1.7

White blood cell count (WBC)
- The number of white blood cells in a specified volume of blood. White blood cells form the mainstay of your immune system -- a low number might increase your risk of infection and a high number possibly indicating that you have an infection.

According to today's report, normal is between 4.0 and 10.5. At 1.7 all I can say is Yikes! It's amazing that I'm not more fatigued. Overall, the key is to reach full recovery by August 11th. My red blood cell count is still in the normal range so there is some good news.

By the way, I'm sure you've noticed something looks different around here? Brown was so blah, this place needed a little sprucing up! I hope you like it?

Just a brief update, enough for today!


Anonymous said...

I do enjoy the blue much more than the brown.

Susan said...

Blue is very good!
Perhaps you'd take rest more seriously if your doc wrote a script for it!
Do you have a Wii system? Although you get movement - it's inside!
Take care David,

Your Florida Fanbase!

John Wagner said...

David, even more important right now is what is your absolute neutrophil count (ANC)? They are part of your white cells and are super important for fighting infections. If too low there are all kinds of extra precautions you need to take, including a neutropenic diet to avoid usually harmless bacteria. Let me know if you need help interpreting that.
By the way, I have some extra white cells I want to get rid of. My level is now 17.6, but most of them don't work too well, so you don't want those. Take care and stay well. I pray your counts start to recover.

Anonymous said...

Plz any body tell me about how to increase WBC ..... Because my yesterday reports shows 1.7 WBC in my body... Kindly give any suggestions and precautions related with WBC thanks