July 31, 2008

What does David actually do?

I hope this doesn’t come across as braggadocio in any way, shape or form? My intent is this; I have shared so much about me personally, but very little about work and what I actually do for a living.

I am a Product Development Manager at EMBARQ. EMBARQ is the local phone company that was spun off from Sprint in May of 2006. We are in markets across 18 States, mostly in rural or smaller communities, however we provide services Orlando, FL, Las Vegas and some medium sized communities in other states as well. We provide local, long distance, high speed internet and re-sell DISH television services.

So what do I do as a Product Development Manager? In a nut shell I am a dreamer, an innovator and an inventor. For the past eight months I have been leading this project to fruition:

It's pretty exciting after spending months and months on a project to have it written up in the Wall Street Journal!

In addition to this project I have eight Patents on file with the US Patent Office and 16 more that are in various stages of pre-submission. Though it might sound impressive, in my opinion, until the Patent Office actually grants the Patent, it doesn’t matter a whole lot (though I do take a little pride in this).

I could go on but brevity is key! In the end I hope this provides another look into the man behind the blog.


Anonymous said...

David ,
Very impressive , I knew You were a smart Guy.
I hope to hear some good news on Your treatment results in a few weeks
Dan J

Anonymous said...

Great to see an idea come to fruition. It does bring a sense of accomplishment and you should be proud. In reality we are all capable of so much more than we know. If a person does not push the envelope then untold inventions will go by the wayside, untold books will be written, untold movies made and untold good deeds undone. Keep pushing the envelope David and God bless you and yours.

John Wagner said...

How neat! Don't be embarassed to be proud of your accomplishments! With everything going on with you it is wonderful you are able to even concentrate on work to be able to accomplish these things. Congratulations on some good work.

Susan said...

How cool is that? And thanks for sharing with us. It IS interesting to learn about another person's life - their trials and success. You are successful, you know.
All the best,
Your Florida Friends

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us. Always look forward to your updates. I like the new "blue" - very cool and fresh to the eyes!

Your friend, Sharon