July 06, 2008

...is on my side.....yes it is.

Today at Mass something reminded me of a stream of consciousness that I experienced the other night while trying to get back to sleep. At some point this blog turned into more of a diary of my life and less of what's going on within me as I battle Advanced Prostate Cancer. I spend a lot of time writing about disc golf, music, books, movies, etc. and it has been a long time since I let you in my head.

So here we go:

I'm one week into my second treatment of chemotherapy. This one has actually been easier on me than the first. No flu like symptoms this past weekend... it was quite unremarkable (a radiology term I can't believe I just used!). I feel better than I have in months and yet it scares me...What if my PSA number doesn't come down? I'm not in pain, in fact it's just the opposite, but I can't help but wonder what is actually going on inside of me.

I guess I shouldn't doubt or question, it's way too early, but this is my blog and I have had that thought a few times recently. I continue to pray, a lot! I pray for guidance, a cure and peace and comfort for Mary and my family. I talk to God a lot at night. Sometimes I sneak in a request for a cure but I try not to push things, he's a little busy and I'm just one mortal man.

Time is what I ask for the most. Time for Brad to drive and graduate and go to college. Time for Meg to get married and graduate from college herself. Time for Mary and I to grow old together......or at least just a little older. I just couldn't get though this without one musical reference. This Stones song just came to mind; "Time, time, time is on my side...yes it is"
And so there it is....short, not necessarily sweet, but right to the point.


Anonymous said...

David, thanks for the update. I appreciate it. Happy to hear that round 2 went so well for you. Stay in faith my friend. You and your family are firmly in the palm of God's hand.

May peace be with you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps in a cause too? I am a big country music fan and noticed no existing focused charity by Country Music artists. Being a musician and a person who just may enough resources to make this happen, I have sent notice to several artists who have expressed interest in joining the fight. But I don't know how to get started with the forming of a not for profit organization like yours. David, can you help me?


Anonymous said...

I'm being specific about prostate canecr.."Country Artists Against Prostate Cancer". I have spoken to the Nevada Cancer Institute, the MGM MIRAGE Corporation who might be able to host a show during the CMA's

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. We continue to pray with you for a cure, for more time with your family nad for peace. God bless you and yours.

John Wagner said...

I have been reading and not knowing what to say -- not like me. I will just say that you have remained in my prayers and now I know some more specifics of what to pray for. I will pray for a cure, too! God bless you and the family.