February 27, 2008

You are late

Has winter got you down? Me too!

You are late

Where have you gone?
Patiently, anxiously, I wait,
for your arrival.

Unlike years past,
your teases and
days of temptation
have been lacking this year.

The days drag on,
cold, damp, dreary.
I long for you,
but you are late.

When will you come?
When will you temp me
with warm breezes,
the scent of hyacinth,
and green, green grasses.


Anonymous said...

Like the spring weather I am late also.. Ijust read The simple things" post.. Three Cheers! for the lower PSA.

Tom T.

T said...

Hi - I am so inspired by your blog. It took some searching to find a blog from someone dealing with advanced prostate cancer - my dad, otherwise a healthy 58 year old grest guy, was just diagnosed. prostate cancer - t4a? (extending into bladder, gleason=8 - still learning the lingo) May i email you? I am looking for links that I can help him with.
I can't find your email.
Your blog - I will be reading every day...thank you.