February 26, 2008

The simple things.

Another month has passed. Another doctor appointment, another blood draw, another shot of Lupron, another infusion of Zometa and another lunch with my wife.

As boring and repetitive as the medical portion of these monthly sojourns may sound, there is one portion of the day that repeats it self each month which is something that I absolutely love. You see, Mary and I always have lunch when we are through. We always go to the Blue Koi. We always split an order of steamed chicken dumplings and an order of black bean chicken.

Long ago we stopped looking at the menu, it was just time wasted. We talk, we eat, we laugh and eventually, I go back to work.

It's the simple things......

I no sooner clicked the Send button to post this entry and the phone rang with Dr. H on the other end. The current PSA level is 29.4 (Down from 36.2 on January 28th).

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!!!!!


Aimee said...

I am so happy for you! Here's to another month, "riding the train".

Anonymous said...

Hot dog hot dog hot diggedeedog.

Great news. Nice move in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Great news - I am so happy for you and Mary. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Anonymous said...

Good News sounds like answered prayer to me, once again. Keep it up!!! Brad

John Wagner said...

Just now trying to catch up on my reading. Fantastic news! I will try to find time to post on my blog, but I had good news at MD Anderson too. I really am happy for you, Mary and Brad. We celebrate all the good news we can!

Anonymous said...

David , Great news on the nalutamide working , I hope it works for a very long time.