February 12, 2008

Spoken like a politician, weatherman or economist...

I finally got the radiology report from last week. The CT report needs to be re-done because it states "no previous exams are available for comparison". Kind of funny (but not 'ha-ha' funny), being that my previous scans were done at the same hospital!

As for the bone scan, they apparently were able to locate the previous exams. Here is the Radiologist's report:
1. Stable foci of activity involving the left ilium, right acetabulum and pubic ramus as well as left 7th rib posteriorly. Initial patient's known history of prostate cancer and elevated PSA levels these lesions are suspicious for stable metastatic lesions.

You get it, right? This is the report, word for word. Reminds you of a politician, economist or weatherman doesn't it? For those of you who don't speak the language of radiology, the last sentence is the key take away: "...are suspicious for stable metastatic lesions." Interpretation - So PSA aside, things are stable!

I asked the doctor to have the radiologist re-write the CT report based on a comparison of the previous report. After this screw up, we might be in the market for a new diagnostic imaging center in the future!

Nilandron, which I started the day before the scans, might be working; back pains are all but gone. We're definitely keeping the positive attitude going!

More updates later....work beckons.

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Anonymous said...

David ,excellent report on the bone scan and good news on the no back pain ,the nilandron is working and it can be an amazing drug as per my old onco,