July 03, 2006

Turning a corner, a mental one

Perhaps it was this past weekends events, perhaps it's just the heat of summer getting to me or maybe it was the encouraging news this weekend about the benefits of pomegranate juice, but something has renewed my vigor to fight. I had never lost it, it was just in a lull as the weeks and months continued to fly by.

Coming into work today a song, the lack of traffic, something reminded me that I am fortunate, blessed and free. We live in the greatest country in the history of man. Leaving the politics aside, the blessings our freedom alone provides cannot be argued. I am surrounded by a loving family and friends that are willing to do next to anything for me, and for complete strangers. Though we all spend a little to much time on selfish things, when push comes to shove, we're there for each other.

I try to limit the amount of advice I give here, it's not my motive, it's not the purpose. However, I have to mention this, if yourself find yourself in battle such as this, you have to let it go at times. Your mind can’t deal with the constant stress every minute of everyday. Maybe that's why Saturday mornings have become so important, disc golf provides a diversion for a few hours. Some could argue I'm not facing reality during these few hours or by taking the trip to Sweden/Great Britain. I say you're wrong. In my humble, opinion these types of events are exactly how one faces the reality of this type of situation! Mary and I spend countless hours a week with the weight of reality firmly placed on our backs, and sometimes unpacking for a few hours, a few days is exactly the right prescription!

It has now been seventeen month since I started this blog, what a journey it has been! It's a journey that is just beginning, I feel it, I know it, I pray for it. My upcoming trip overseas is a diversion, albeit it has potential to be one heck of a diversion, but a diversion none the less. By mid-August the blood tests will recommence and a major part of my life will be guided by a number. However, that's about six week away!

Tomorrow, as you lay on a blanket, stare into the heavens and watch the fireworks, say a silent blessing to your health, your family, your friends and your freedom.


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Anonymous said...

David, glad you are feeling energized! I agree with you, the fight has just begun. We will be spending many years together on this battlefield. Enjoy the 4th!! Rick