June 28, 2006

Last Post Redux

Apparently my last post, a poem written at one of those rare moments that I have to contemplate things, the future, feelings, etc. got to a few of you. It was a moment that I had alone to think and reflect about how this whole thing has impacted Mary. You have to understand, we talk, we talk about this all the time, but it is primarily positive thoughts, discussions of news stories or web sites we've found.

We've exchanged greetings at 3am for the better part of the past three weeks…..
"you awake?"
"yes, not sure why?"
….it goes on like this most every night.

However, beyond that, the stress of the past 17 months appears to be catching up with her at times. She's a trouper and takes this head-on, but at times, I see the cracks and she in turn can see mine.

That’s the background of what I wrote. It was just me, thinking about how this really screwed up situation was effecting her, and my attempt, in a few versus, to try to get into her head.

In less than three weeks I'll be in Sweden playing disc golf and enjoying incredible seafood! I know this is obvious, but I can't wait. I played horrible over the weekend, but played this evening and shot four over on a course that usually is not very friendly to me. I was -1 after 14 holes. The heat got to me on the last four holes but still posted a respectable score [58]. All in all, a very enjoyable evening.

Hey, Warren Buffet, why don’t you toss a few million the way of Prostate Cancer research? Great idea, how about spreading the love around a bit….…..


The surreal life continues…..

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David, just ran across the attached. I think you have already seen it but just in case.