June 23, 2006

Should have been said, long ago

As you sleep,
I write thoughts
that I should have said to you,
many, many months ago.

My pain is deep.
but my pain will subside,
quickly, perhaps quietly,
when my time comes to an end.

the pain you endure.
day after day,
is so much more,
than what I live with,
day after day.

I thought I was hurting,
then I imagined,
what you were facing,
after I am gone,

My pain will subside,
when I go to heaven,
but your pain shall go on,
for your eternity.

I can't imagine that pain,
the thoughts of alone,
imagining your pain,
is just to much,
for me to take on.

Please go on with out me,
strong and upright,
proud and remembering,
of the life we spent together,
together forever,
in your heart,
in our souls.


John Wagner said...


I haven't commented because I didn't know what to say. Still don't, other than that touched me deeply. You so accurately expressed many of the thoughts I have had and wasn't able to articulate.

Anonymous said...

You're makin' me cry, man. And realize what a blessing each day is. Especially Saturdays around 7:30 am.


Anonymous said...

God gave you a tremendous capacity to communicate. Another blessing from above. Thanks for sharing your words.