June 18, 2006

Father's Day etc.

First and foremost, Happy Father's Day to all you dads!

Thursday night I attended my first support group meeting since being diagnosed in February of 2005. This particular meeting (the organization is called 'Us Too') was really a group meeting, a doctor from the University of Kansas Medical Center spoke on high risk prostate cancer. It was worth going but it confirmed or reinforced two things; 1) I was the youngest of the 50+ people in the audience, by at least 15 years. A few people I met thought I was someone's son. 2) I am on the right path with my treatment. During the Q & A I asked the doctor why he didn’t spend anytime discussing advanced PC with bone metastasis. His response confirmed that I am doing what is standard at this point. It did get me thinking about starting chemo before things get worse? With my tumors in their smallest and perhaps most susceptible state, why not attack? Something to consider and discuss with my oncologist in August.

A slight update on the travel plans, we'll arrive in London on Tuesday morning and depart for Stockholm Tuesday afternoon arriving with enough time to play a round or two in Tuesday. All day Wednesday and Thursday until 6pm or so should allow us to play all 12 courses in Stockholm! I have received a few responses from contacts in Sweden, one course looks particularly promising! (I'll post a link later) We'll arrive back in London after 10 on Thursday then we'll train to the tournament mid-morning Friday and get in a practice round on Friday.

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