July 24, 2006

A Top 10 Finish and more....

We are at Heathrow on our way back to the States. Sorry for the lack of updates, no access to a computer on the 800 year old farm!

I have it all in a journal and will begin to post when I get back from the lake next week.

Out of 28 players in the Amature Division, I tied for 10th. Not bad. Had I played better the first two rounds, I could have done better. My first two rounds on Saturday were tiring. It was humid, I had little sleep, etc. The third round yesterday morning, I shot 8 over 65 and scratched my way into the top 10!!!

My friend Pete on the other hand lead the Am's after the first round with a smokin' 57, even par. He was second after two rounds and played in the championships. The top 5 players play an extra 9 holes, he ended up tied for fourth.

The course we played on was beyond words. I have over 500 photos and will share many of those as well. There was one hole, 'the Hypotenuse', that was 800 feet long, but had an elevation drop of over 160 feet! It was incredible! I threw my drive over 1/4 of a mile! Impressive but not a good shot on this hole!

It was a great time - more updates as time allows.
It's going to be great to get home!!

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Karen said...

Glad you had a good time! Rob invited me to the airport; so sorry I couldn't make it, but 9:40 p.m. seems like the wee hours of the night for this sleep-deprived mama! You can blame WCB.