July 07, 2006

Put me on "the Spot"

Next Tuesday night at 7:00pm I make my television premier. Technically, it's my second time on television, years ago I was on 'The Today Show', but it was a non-speaking part, I was just in the background as Al Roker interviewed two twins from Biloxi.

For those here in Kansas City I will be appearing, along with Dr. Davis, on '38 The Spot' with Jack Harry. Jack is a long time sportscaster here in KC and after sharing my story, he was more than willing to put us on the air. I can't believe Dr. Davis agreed to join me, just another example of him being the best!! My goal is to spend as much time as possible talking about PC and increasing awareness rather than talking about my specific case. There are numerous statistics and facts to cover and we only have twenty minutes!

For those with Time Warner Cable, 38 is on Channel 8. It's a live studio show, more of a casual, conversational setting. I'm already getting a little nervous.

On another note, 8 days until we leave, more on that later.


John Wagner said...


Any chance they also do a simultaneous webcast? Only a few do, but I thought it might be a shot at watching from Texas.

You have a message to get out that you believe in and that is all that matters. You will do great!!!

Karen said...

Woo hoo! I'm hoping that WCB will to to bed on schedule so that I can watch it. Good luck!