March 13, 2006

Paradise, Part 1

It’s the morning of day three. By 8:30 AM I’ve already been for a walk on the beach with my brother, had a light breakfast and am contemplating how to spend today doing, nothing. Tough life, I know.

We had fresh seafood each day and spent most of yesterday on the beach. The temperature has been in the low eighties and the clouds are nearly non-existent...paradise for sure.

This is something I really needed, something I really wanted.

Various thoughts so far:

The mixture of old people and young people – it’s like the ocean itself: the fresh new sand is created from the older shells dying and over the years being ground into new life, fresh sand.

I can see the attraction of retirement down here. A morning walk on the beach, perfect, perfect sunsets, fresh fish, the water, the sound of surf…..God’s perfection on display.

More to follow on deep sea fishing, Busch Gardens……

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