March 20, 2006

Paradise, the conclusion

It's the first day of Spring and we're expecting up to 8" of snow by tomorrow!! Just 48 hours ago Mary and I took our last morning walk on the beach before packing and returning to K.C.
The weather last week was picture perfect. When we checked out of the condo, the manager said he couldn’t remember a better week in March since he'd been living there (1982).

Some friends from church/soccer/school were staying about 10 minutes down the beach. It was their first time in the area, they loved the area as well. The best part of this location is that although it is Spring Break, there are no teens, college students! It's very family friendly!!!

We did absolutely nothing all week (except for the trip to Busch Gardens). We ate fresh seafood daily and went to the beach and that's it. It's amazing how relaxing doing nothing can be. I want to go back! Laying on the beach, listening to the iPod and the surf, what a life!!! I can really imagine a life of 7:00am walks on the beach, a work out, disc golf, fresh seafood for dinner, early to bed and then repeat the whole thing - day, after day, after day!!! I hope that this brief bout of winter goes away quickly. They are calling for 50 degress by Saturday and 60 degrees next week - I hope for once they are correct!

Has anyone else noticed how bad travel has gotten? Every plane is full to the gills! On three of the 4 legs we traveled the airline was offering vouchers for people to get off the plane. The airports were all crowded,but the airlines are in such bad financial shape they won't add any flights……

Health-wise, things are good. Two weeks until my next blood test, currently on cruise control.


Anonymous said...


Welcome back! Sometimes it takes going to paradise and coming home to realize just how unimportant all of the "important" stuff really is. The most important stuff is God, family and friends. Too bad we don't spend the majority of our time in paradise. I guess it makes it all that more special when we do get to go.

John Wagner said...

I am so happy that you and the family had such a great time. What a nice break from this past year. I hope you can do this every spring break for the next 20 years!

Yes, flying is the pits. Takes you almost as long checking in, getting through security and waiting for delayed flights as it would have taken to drive (well, I usually only fly around Texas for my work). When we go to NY to visit family, flying, though a hassel, is still better than the three days of driving.

Glad to hear your health is still holding and I bet this past week even gave it a boost. Praying for good results in two weeks.

Karen said...

Ah, I am so jealous of your paradise vacation! :) Two weeks until your blood test ... I have three weeks until mine. We can root for each other! :)


John Emerson said...

Well, flying sometimes takes longer than before but I rarely wait more than 10 minutes in a security line. Secure flying comes with a price. The planes are fuller but until we learn how to conserve the oil the use they will stay very full, especially going to a warm cliamte in the winter season. BUT, I'm glad you had a good break. Sandy and I travel to baseball spring training in either Jupiter or Tucson each year just to get refreshed after the dull drury winter months. It is very helpful. Good luck on the blood test but your faith will get you though whatever the results are.

Anonymous said...
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