March 27, 2006

In case you forgot, you are a mortal

My guess is that this is not an original thought...What I've been thinking is that perhaps the thought of mortality gets to the root of what makes cancer so devastating. Cancer forces one to deal with what we all know, but do not spend a lot of time contemplating; we are mortal, we will die. I can't imagine many people actually think that they will live forever, but we as humans, we just don't spend a lot of our time considering when and how we will go.

Even in my case, who really knows, it might be a car accident or a lightening strike? Like the rest of you, one just never knows. On the other hand, considering the odds, it is more than likely it will be cancer. So what do I do with that wonderful piece of knowledge? So far, it hasn't become all consuming. It bothers me, it bothers us, but we go on.

Mary and I had a real good streak going. It had been months since we cried about it. In Florida the streak ended. On one of our last nights we went for a walk late in the evening. We sat down on the bench where we watched the sunset each night. It was very brief but a much overdue moment.

Here are a few verses I penned, I hate to even refer to this as poetry, it gives poetry a bad name!
There you stand
weathered, beaten, tired
surrounded by sand,
and the beauty and warmth of the sun.

Years have passed,
your scars show clearly,
you rest in a place,
that I'll forever hold dearly.
A Line of Separation
There's a line in the sky,
a place in the atmosphere,
that separates the world
from heaven.

It was always there,
for me to see,
but until this happened,
it was shrouded to me.

I looked upward,
my focus is external,
to the day that comes,
when I cross that line.
She needs to know,
my love for her,
has never wavered.


Anonymous said...

It is poetry and it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

John Wagner said...


I too think it is beautiful poetry and a wonderful gift to Mary. Thanks for sharing again!

Anonymous said...

and your love for each other
will go on and on and on...
it will never end.

Karen said...

Your wife must love your poetry. How many husbands do that? Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Just got your message on my blog about your blood test on Monday. I will be thinking about you and hoping for good results! :)