November 18, 2011

Too short

It's been a heck of a month, and yet a week remains!

One of our prostate cancer brethren, Terence in Seattle, started chemo. His second treatment is in a few days and so far things are going well. Please understand that much like myself, Terence is dealing with bone tumors and pain, raising psa and other PCa related issues.  His pain was excruciating and the good news is, he has seen some relief there is just a few weeks.  I hope the future brings Terence more relief and many, many years of peace and happiness with Sheri and the grand kids.

In early October I added a post regarding our golf tournament (Lucky number 7). The gentleman to my right in the first photo is Bruce. Bruce and I have known each other since high school, well over thirty years. After a while, life took us separate ways, so it was great when Bruce drove in from St Louis to play in the tournament and have dinner with Mary and I.  Two weeks ago Bruce went to his doctor to  have a few things checked out. That appointment led to a triple by pass two days later.  Bruce has children under ten years old, so that adds to the complexity of the recovery process. I wish Bruce and Lisa peace and joy as they follow their journey down the road to recovery.

I have another good friend Bill ,whom I've know since I used to kick his butt in first grade math flash card wars! He's to my left in the photo from this post (Golf 2010). It turns out last week Bill had his own heart scare. The incident happened while he was traveling to St Louis on business and required an overnight stay in the hospital and a battery of testing. Fortunately, the results were negative and his heart appears to be functioning very well.  But it certainly created a stressful 36 hours of concern! Bill has three beautiful daughters. Bill, his wife Enid and all three girls are always in my prayers.

These are just three things going on in my life that have nothing to do with my own battle. There are others I could add, and many, many of you, the readers are expericing similar events yourselves. I share these as a reminder of the how fragile life is and as a way to ask you slow down around the holidays next week and next month. Enjoy time with your family and is too short.


Sherry Luttrell said...

Thank you David- you are so thoughtful to think of others even while you are facing a battle yourself.

I hope you and Mary spend your holiday in a way that you can get some rest and find lots of ways to enjoy your family and friends!


MP said...

Well said David and it's how I feel at Thanksgiving(my favorite holiday). I give thanks for what I have and pray that everyone can enjoy a meal with family and friends this time of the year.

Blessings to you - MP

Anonymous said...