November 20, 2011

When a Buck is worth millions

I'm alone in the house tonight, Mary and Brad are out running errands. I'm not real fond of being alone, in fact, I have grown to detest it. I don't need a lot of conversation, just the simple presence of others, their nearness makes all the difference in the world.

I should clarify that I am never alone, he is always near to me. In this case, I am not making reference to God but to Buck. Buck is our 95 pound black lab. When we got him  in 2002 I was 'in between" jobs, so back then I was with him 24x7. He was house broken with in a week. Labs are something else, the finest dog one can own.

This pictures is just a typical moment in my day with Buck. Nose on the bed for a few seconds as he checks to make sure I'm doing OK or if I need anything. He's so lovable.

Thanks Buck, I'm good right now, I'll let you know if I need anything.


Anonymous said...

love it

Sherry Luttrell said...

A true friend for sure!

MP said...

... and Buck doesn't care what your PSA is; he's just glad you're here.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that dogs really are a man's best friend. I have two dogs and I love them both however one is extremely special to me. He is the most loyal and loving dog I have ever owned. There is no dog that will or can ever replace him. Pets can bring so much joy to humans and for me they really are part of the family. They even go on vacation with us.

Terence said...

Thanks, Dave for your continuous posts. They speak so much to all fighters and serve to give insight to our wives.
My hope and prayers remain strong, for you, that you will see continued strength and added years upon years.

Thanks Dave.


hopeforchange said...

Thanks for giving so much of yourself to us. It's deeply appreciated. May God Bless you and your dear family this Thanksgiving.
Your Florida friends Don & Susan
And that photo was a gift - thank you!

Anonymous said...

He is a beautiful dog and loyal companion. My best to you and your family this Thanksgiving.


Melvyn said...

David - he is gorgeous. I have Shanks the horse and my wife Kathryn has Ella - a whippet X labradur. Like I said she is my wife's dog - but she is my little girl.

As I have become hormone resistant with a rising PSA and await the next stage - hopefully some relie rom the pain. Ella is one of the constants - never asking much but always giving so much.

She is definitely a blessing from the Lord.

Keep going keep fighting - tho' it's tough at tomes.

Prayers and best wishes from across the pond

Jerry L. said...

Dog is just God spelled backwards... not sure where I'm going there...

I'm new to your site, but you are an immediate inspiration to me.

Great Dog...

Anonymous said...

David, We've only just met on the prostate cancer support group but I feel I've known you forever! Nice blog. Great dog. Thanks for sharing your blog site with me.
Lenore M.