November 12, 2010

I got the music in me

Ain't got no trouble in my life
No foolish dream to make me cry
I'm never frightened or worried
You know I always get by.
I heat up
I cool down
Something gets in my way I go around it
Don't let life get me down
Gonna take it the way that I found it
Through all the ups and downs of this battle, the one thing, aside from the support of Mary, family and friends, that is a constant and that is music.

For you regulars you know my taste is all over the place. When I wrote this on Wednesday I had already listened to a variety consisting on amongst others; Peter Frampton,  Frank Zappa,  Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Dave Brubeck and Keb Mo.

It's the escape, the flood of memories, the highs, the lows, the smiles, the tears. I never learned to play an instrument, I wish I had. No regrets becasue not being able to play has not tempered my love for music.

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