June 19, 2010

Ooops, where does the time go?

Sitting here watching the US Open, it suddenly dawned on me that it had been awhile since I posted. Not only had it been nine days, but so much has happened. Once I explain it all, my negligence will be understandable.

After my first three radiation treatments, basically over last weekend, I found myself once again in some considerable pain. The odd thing is that the pain on my right side, which initiated the radiation treatments was completely gone and now it was my left hip and femur that were causing discomfort. It was not nearly as bad as what I had been experiencing with the right side, but it was pretty darn close. Sleep was tough because I could only get slightly comfortable on my back. Using the Oxycodone every 4 to 5 hours, I was able to get through the weekend. On Monday I went in for my 4th radiation treatment and met with the Radiology Oncologist. I left with a prescription for 12 hour, time released Oxycontin. What a God send! I've been sleeping great since and was even able to return sleeping on my side that first night. Two days later I completely stopped taking the other pain medication during the day, so I now only need it at night to get some sleep without interruptions from pain.

Today I spent most of the day in the yard. My contribution was minimal, but I was able to pull a few weeds, stake and tie up the tomatoes and provided a slight bit of help to my brother in law as he worked feverishly through the heat of the day to replace some wood trim on the house.

On a related note I discovered something today; there are times when you just have to step back, face the facts and let people help you. I have always been the type to help friends, family, etc. Whether it be with a project in the yard, repairing a computer or whatever, I really take pride in lending people a hand. I however find it difficult to ask for help. Rich taught me something today, other people like to lend a hand as well! As I sat in the shade and watched him work like a horse, I knew how he was feeling. I truly appreciate his time, hard work and support.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I think I'll take some time to enjoy it! Brad is back from camp, Monday I have my monthly check up with the oncologist (hoping for another decline in the PSA!), a Lupron shot, and a Zometa infusion. After we have the visit at KU Cancer Center, Mary will take me over for my 9th of 13 radiation treatments.

Here are a few lyrics of a song I was listening to while writing this post ~

Life is a carnival
It's in the book
Life is a carnival
Take another look

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Marylanders said...

So glad that the doctors are working with you to manage your pain. My 55-year-old husband had terrible hip pain when diagnosed with metastatic prostate ca in Feb 2007, but once docs figured out an effective pain relief plan (took several months!) he's had a good, active quality of life. He's still gardening, mowing lawn and occasionally doing "stupid stuff" like helping a friend build a roof deck in 95 degree heat. Hang in there!