June 06, 2010

Anyone know how to reach Kreskin?

First off, do any of you remember Kreskin? He was a psychic that occasionally appeared with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. He could predict events, bend things with his mind and tell the future.

I could use a bit of his foresight right now. Tomorrow at 3:00 we will meet with the oncologist to review the MRI I had on Friday. This is perhaps the most anticipated test since the beginning of this whole ordeal five years ago.

The pain ns my hip has definitely become more manageable for the most part. Since starting the pain medication last week, things have gotten considerably better. There are still incidents several times a day. I have been able to sleep fairly well each night followed by a rather normal day until late afternoon. Some days, like yesterday I might even make it as long as 9-10pm before I have an 'event'. Other days like today,itt happens between 3-5pm. I have been rather religious about taking the pain medication every 5 hours so it's not like the lack of medication brings it on. Also, I have been all but inactive so it's not like some physical action brings it on. For the most part, these pain events last an hour or more during which I cannot find a way to get comfortable. The pain leads to muscle spasms which then create muscle fatigue and other related pain.

This is probably a lot more detail than necessary but I need to share, it helps the time go by. I've watched far to many movies this weekend and disc golf is out of the question for a while. There is a very,very minimal chance this is related to arthritis, but reality and intuition tell me otherwise. If the MRI reveals a change in the tumor, or multiple tumors in my hip joint, then we anticipate the treatment will be radiation. This does not scare me at all. As a matter of fac,t I welcome it if it means the pain goes away.

Those of you that know me well probably tire of me pointing to the irony of events. I hope this one make you laugh. On Friday, as I prepared for the MRI, the technician asked if I wanted to listen to music during the procedure. Sticking with my latest musical fetish, I chose classic rock. About 15 minutes into it, what song do you think comes on? None other than the Blue Oyster Cult classic 'Don't Fear the Reaper'. I'm pretty sure the laugh that I let out was heard by the technician in the other room!


dan said...

great song moment for you. hope the scan results are ... useful.

I do appreciate your openness about the pain issues and your matter-of-fact telling of your story. I'm a few years behind you in my cancer progression, but unless a wonder drug comes along I'll be dealing with bone pain and all the rest soon enough.

prayers and faith coming your way,


Anonymous said...

Hang in there keep us posted we are praying for you.