December 09, 2009

Lucky Sevens

Monday the 7th we held our 7th FLHW Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament. We started these in 2006 as another way to spread the word about Prostate Cancer screening as well as to allow people that may not play golf to come out for a good time and to help support FLHW.

Over the past three years the poker tournaments have raised approximately $10,000 of the overall $132,000 we have raised for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. I was rather proud when I added this up on Monday before the tournament.

At this week's event we had 42 players and raised slightly more than $1,500! It was really great to see a number of first timers. I hope they enjoyed themselves and will come back for future events! The room and tables were packed! In the end Brad took first and Tim second.

I really enjoyed the evening and am looking forward to our next poker event in February!

Also on Monday I had my monthly doctor visit, Lupron shot, PSA test and quarterly Zometa infusion. The meeting with Dr. V was rather quick. My PSA rose to 108.8. We decided to maintain the current regimen through the holidays. I am feeling great and the other tests were in the normal range. When I return next month, on January 4th, as long as I remain pain free and my PSA remains somewhat stable, we will just continue on. (All of the pictures are here).

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Anonymous said...

Hi David, and family,
Wow, you have done so much for awareness, and in such funs ways. And I think it's amazing the way you maintain such a great attitude. I'm a bit early, but I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. I have such wonderful memories of this season. These are wonderful days to cherish. Stay warm and close. You have my prayers for peace and the great sharing of love.

In Christ's light...