December 18, 2009

Joe had to go!

In just over an hour I'm going to have lunch with a really, really good friend.

Our friend Joe is off to Tucson next week. It's a great career opportunity and what is sure to be a life changing event.

I'm not sure what I'll miss about him most? Here's a sample of some of my blog posts that mention Joe. Disc golf on Saturday mornings will never be the same without Joe, Sadie and Pete (his dogs). My mind goes back to road trips and overseas trips with Joe.

Sweden the summer of 2006, my how three years has just flown by! Followed up by the British Open. A trip to Des Monies and Omaha in April of 2007 for back to back tournaments. Perhaps the most fun was the day Joe, Rich and I went to Marshall and Columbia Missouri and played 72 holes!

A picture from this years FLHW Golf Tournament captures his personality perfectly!

So long my friend! Be safe, stay in touch and come back often!


Annamanila said...

Praying for you David.

Got to your blog as I browsed "bone cancer" -- something I might have, though unlikely (I don't know if I am saying this with false hopes.) I have spinal compression the cause of which an mri, xrays and blood tests have failed to detect. I don't want to undergo a ct scan guided biopsy .. am scared.

Your blogs are such inspirations. God bless.

mike levin said...

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