August 06, 2007

That's the Power of....?

In the 1980's, Huey Lewis thought it was 'Love', I might have to beg to differ with him after leaving the doctor this morning.
Yes, I do have an updated PSA number but you'll have to let me blather on in my usual way before I reveal the results.
- The anniversary dinner Friday night was great. I give the Blue Koi's new location two big thumbs up!
- I played disc golf Saturday, not very well, but I had my moments; thanks Rich, Rob, Erik and Mio!!
- While I am not a big Huey Lewis fan, my subconscious is at work; Mary, Brad and I watched 'Back to the Future', Saturday night. Brad had never seen it, it was a good family event! This led to the title of this blog. I think the song should be "That's the Power of Faith". I've already been told of people praying in the shower (twice) and at the gym. I spent a good deal of time at Mass on Saturday doing my part.
I was also pleasantly surprised when one on the songs was "The Servant Song". At some point after diagnosis I heard this at Mass and it stuck with me. Saturday the vocalist happened to be our best vocalist and my friend Dana. Of course I cried, I love her voice. Here are the lyrics I found via Google.
So back to the topic at hand. In anticipation of my test results, Mary and I spent considerable time last night researching next steps. Additional drugs, chemo, clinical trials, estrogen, etc. Mary put together a great matrix that identified our options along with the positives and negatives of each treatment, location of the trials, and more. This was shared with Dr. H and was very well received. With all of this swimming through our heads, we slept very little. I think we slept for an hour between 2:30 and 6:00am, when I rose to workout.
I'll spare you the details since I've drug this out long enough, my PSA was: 16.96
I'm not sure when I was this happy, relieved and thankful all at the same time! We bought ourselves, in all likelihood, another ninety days!!!
Mary suspects that the lethargy I encountered while healing my leg might have had something to do with the rise in my numbers. I don't care what the reason was, I love the results!!!

Historic numbers:
Date: PSA:
8/2/07 16.96
7/02/07 20.30
6/04/07 17.80
4/30/07 16.25
4/2/07 17.68
3/5/07 21.87
2/5/07 20.90
1/8/07 18.90
12/11/06 24.86
11/13/06 43.61
10/16/06 51.48 (Started "High Dose" Ketoconazole and Hydrocortisone, 10/01)
[at this point and for a second time we prepared for Taxotere. First my Oncologist wanted to try High Dose Ketoconazole and Hydrocortisone.]
9/11/06 83.97 (started Zometa)
8/23/06 41.77
8/18/06 54.66
(no tests in June or July)
5/19/06 11.37 (stopped Casodex)
4/3/06 4.25
3/5/06 1.45
1/27/06 0.46
12/28/05 1.85
[at this point we prepared for Taxotere, chemotherapy treatments. First I had a new PSA test and new bone and CT scans, lymph nodes clear, spine clear, ribs, femur and hips stable. The PSA dropped to 1.85 and the scans revealed marked improvement. Chemo was cancelled 72 hours before it was scheduled to begin]
12/15/05 7.18
11/03/05 4.64 (Stopped taking Casodex)
9/22/05 0.80
8/11/05 0.35
6/24/05 0.55
4/17/05 2.51 (taken at MD Anderson, Gleason lowered to 7/7)
4/06/05 3.51 (Six weeks after starting Lupron and Casodex)
Original Gleason scores (7/8)
Pre-treatment test: 2/?/05 219
Original test: 12/?/04 189


Anonymous said...

Awesome news my friend - what a fantastic weekend for you and Mary on several fronts!

The power of . . . love, faith, hope, prayer. Alive and well in all of us.

ProstateCancer said...

Hi David: great to see your psa is going down, or, at least, creating a year long plateau. I hope your foot is improving , too. Darryl

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing. Your story gives hope to all who have loved ones in the fight.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for you to hear the latest number!! I'm glad for me too. I'm not sure how to express how fortunate I feel to be part of your life and I'm glad to hear my (and others') prayers are being answered. Keep on keepin on my friend. - Kirk

Anonymous said...

Ok I will quit shouting. We prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

Tom T.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great news! I know how stressful the waiting can be. I am so happy for you and your family.

Enjoy your summer!


Anonymous said...

Good for you and your family David.

God Bless! We will continue to pray.