August 20, 2007

The dance of the dragonflies

We spent last weekend at my brother's property in central Missouri. It's 150 acres of paradise.

I mowed grass again like last summer. I find it very therapeutic. We rode four wheelers/ATV's and ate real well. We enjoyed each other's company and simply 'getting away'.

Brad got to drive the four wheeler. At first he rode with me on the back, then a few trips around the house on his own. He absolutely loves it up there. In fact, I think he would go every weekend if we could.

Doug has a wildlife camera setup on one of the trails. It uses infra-red to track a heat source and then captures two pictures at a time. It had been in place for a few weeks so he was anxious to see what might have been captured. As we reviewed these on my laptop he was a little disappointed. Then, as we had almost finished looking at them, this appeared on the screen! Bambi's Papa is right!!!

Saturday evening we sat out back after dinner and talked. At one point there were eight to ten dragonflies dancing around our heads. Not bothering us, just staying close, dancing in the light of the dusk. It was very inspiring, something I will remember for a long, long time.

Sometimes, it really is the simple things.......

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Anonymous said...

The simple things in life provide us with lifetime memories. If a person thinks back in life to some of their best memories chances are many of them were the simple things in life.

God Bless.