August 14, 2007

A glimpse in the rear view

I'm writing this at 33,000 feet on my mobile phone, returning to Kansas City from a business trip to Philadelphia.

This Saturday is a big day, it marks two and a half years or thirty months post diagnosis! As my friend David likes to say 'that's a big damn deal!!'

Being on a plane and without internet access I am not sure where this places me in relation to the 'average' man diagnosed with metastatic or advanced PCa? Frankley, we never really cared.

From that dreaded day in 2005 in Dr. D's office we have never approached this like my case was average.

Sometimes, like when Lupron/Casodex only worked for less than a year, we were on the wrong side of average. However with my current regemine, we're still seeing results three times longer than average. How does the saying go? 'There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics? Or something like that......

Each month, each step of this journey has been a learning experience. I have met some absolutely wonderful people. I have grown closer to those around me (both family and friends), closer to God and I have changed, wow have I changed!

Just go re-read entry #1 (February 2, 2005). Not only is my tone different, my attitude, my outlook and more have changed as well. Yes it's true I know so much more about PCa now than I did back then, but I have to honestly admit that I am more positive tonight than I have been
in months.

Cure? I said I was feeling positive not that I was feeling crazy! That being said, at 30 months I'm feeling like 60 months may just be a never know?

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