December 05, 2005

Is this effective?

From time to time I wonder if there is anyone out there reading this? Is it having any effect? Is it helping anyone at all? Just about the time I start thinking that way I get a comment posted, a phone call or as the case was this weekend, an email from a complete and total stranger.

John (from Austin, TX) doesn't even have Prostate cancer, he is battling Leukemia. He ran across the Blog and found the time to thank me for encouraging him, for making him look at the positives and not the negatives (something that as a reader you know I struggle with all the time). John offered his prayer and wondered if as a Catholic having a Baptist pray for me was appropriate? I'll just say this, at the time I find myself at St. Peter's gate I pray that that the entrance criteria has nothing to do with Catholic, Baptist, Methodist etc. - I hope it's something as simple as:
1) Do you believe? 2) What did you do for your family, friends, neighbors and strangers?

So my questioning of the value of this has been put to rest (at least for awhile). It's all a big circle, I encourage you and you encourage me. I prop you up and push you, and you return the favor as needed.

It's the second week of Advent, the emotional pressure of Christmas grows heavier. It's such a wonderful, beautiful time of year…….Ho, Ho, Ho!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S.: I promised someone I would refrain from my shot by shot accounts of Disc Golf so I'll just add this; yes it was 25 degrees on Saturday, yes we played and yes I improved by one more stroke (two over for the day!).
P.S.S.: Friday marked 10 months since the Blog began! This next week marks the one year anniversary of my first doctor visit and my first PSA test.


Anonymous said...

Some of us read every single day.

John E.

John Wagner said...

Thank you for posting how we all support each other. Yes, I do believe that the only criteria for entry into heaven is, "Do you believe?" But, when you get there, if you see the section of the city surrounded by a high wall, be very quiet when passing. Behind that wall are many Baptists who think they are the only ones in heaven. We wouldn't want to spoil it for them, would we? :) If we never meet in this life, I will see you there (but hopefully, not for a very long time for either of us!) -- and I don't plan to be behind that wall, but out front greeting fellow believers from all denominations!

By the way, thanks to your example and a couple of others, I have started my own blog. Not bad for an old guy, huh? (

Keep fighting the fight and be encouraged, friend.

John (from near Austin, TX)

Anonymous said...

I read each and every posting and each time I read it I pray for you and your family. I also pray for you and your family frequently at other times. You are a an ispiration and a testiment for faith.

I deeply admire you and the candid entries you write into this Blog. I don't read it for entertainment value. I read it for inspiration. Your Blog makes me a better person.

So count me to the list of the many who appreciate what you write and just think for every one of me who actually posts a message a hundred others do not. But it doens't mean the hundred others are no less inspired. God Bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

David, Missy and I both read your blog each week. We talk about what you write and we both find you, Sister Mary and Brad to be inspirations. Thanks for all that you have done for me and my family. You have, in a very profound way, touched more people than you will ever know.

If God has ever blessed anyone, he has blessed you.


Anonymous said...

Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, whatever. HE lives in brother Dave as surely as the wind will blow.

I also know that brother Dave is too modest to say that he bested the entire field in the disc golf match Saturday. But he did.

How do I know?

I have witnessed these things.

(Good to hear that us Baptists have got our own place in heaven, though.)

Anonymous said...

All believers have a place in heaven.

Marie/y said...
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Anonymous said...

We used to know each other a long time ago. We were part of a larger group of dumb teenagers who ran around together and did stupid stuff.

We are now "friends" on FB but have never really been friends, per se. Reading through your blog (I started at day 1) has been a special revelation about how you turned out (not that there were any doubts...), how lucky your family is to have you, and how - even though you would protest I think - how courageous you are.

When you're the one being courageous you don't think that - you're just muddling through the best you can with hope for a lightning strike of clarity. When you're on the outside looking IN, though, let me say you ARE being courageous. And not only courageous but, what I'm most impressed with, is how you are DOING something with your cancer.

Starting a foundation with events and doing publicity all while raising a family, having a life, appreciating your life, working, etc.? My god. Most people don't do 2 of those well, not to mention all of those.

You are motivating, encouraging, and giving back to so many people. Your influence will continue long after you die, whenever that might be. Let's hope it's a long time from now.

High regards from an old member of the crowd. Marie-y