November 10, 2005

Conflicts of interest

Hope - Fear
Future - Present
Life - Death
Living - Dying
Happy - Sad
Thankful - Angry
Bitter - Peaceful
Anxious - Calm

I accept that God has stricken me with this, but what I am having trouble accepting are the lack of treatments options! It's been months since I've said this but I would welcome ANY treatment; chemo, radiation etc. ~ light me up from head to toe, nuke me to the edge of death! Just allow me more time here to breathe, to pray, to live, to love……

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if anyone can say or do anything that will immediately comfort you. I read your last two postings and I have been praying and thinking hard about you. My daughter walked in my office tonight and I asked her what can you say to someone who is sick and needs some words to help them feel better? I asked my daughter what would God say to this person...with complete conviction she looked at me and she said "God would tell him don't be afraid".