October 19, 2005

Songs about......

Latley it seems like I have this knack for finding songs that either mention death or are primarily about death. Today for example, 3 of the 4 songs I heard on the way into work were just that. Here are parts of the lyrics for two of them:
The Calling - Wherever you will go
So lately, I've been wonderin
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone, you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go
Goo Goo Dolls - Broadway
Broadway is dark tonight
A little bit weaker than you used to be
Broadway is dark tonight
See the young man sitting
In the old man's bar
Waiting for his turn to die
So, with a mind set influenced by that, I came up with this:

Motionless in the curb, in the lawn,
succumbing to a slow death.
Your life was too short,
less than a season.
At birth you brought hope,
in death a reminder of darker times.
Your parting brings thoughts of cold,
of damp, of darkness.
And so begins the season,
that weighs most heavily on my heart.

Please don't misinterpret, I'm actually doing quite well. No I'm not depressed. My back pain is 100% gone due to a new office chair! Too think we might have considered radiation treatment!!! Many many years from now perhaps I will be "the old man sitting in the young man's bar......"?

It's Fall now, 5 months until Spring!

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