October 31, 2005

Crystal Ball

No, I'm not going to quote the lyrics from that mediocre Styx song from the 1980's but Looking back, before looking forward; the past month has just raced by! Our golf tournament was four weeks ago already, amazing.

Wednesday will mark nine months since my initial biopsy and the first entry into this blog. Where has the time gone?
Time is racing by, but what am I racing towards?

This Friday I go in for my next blood test. I guess I should be apprehensive, a little scared, worried? I'm not.
I find myself in this very accepting and calm state of mind. I don’t have much to share with those close to me regarding
how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking etc. because things are somewhat normal at this point. Whatever happens, happens. As bad of a cliche as that may be, I really feel like "bring it on!". Throw the best you have at me because I'll get through it! What ever lies ahead will certainly not be easy, but I am strong mentally, spiritually and physically.

Have you started listening to Christmas Carols yet? We have….it's fun to be sitting at a stop sign bellowing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and the people around you have no idea what you are doing!

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Anonymous said...

If the world could harness half of your incredible attitude, oulook and faith we wouldn't be at war with each other, terrorism would halt and we would all be singing carols. God Bless. You are an ispiration. I pray for you and your family often.