September 28, 2005

There is some good news....

I saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geiko!
OK, just kidding, but humor is an essential part of dealing will all this....

On a serious note, not that I ever had an issue with blood pressure but mine was the lowest ever yesterday morning, 126/66!

Dr. D called me back yesterday on my way home, here is the synopsis. First, no need for panic at this time. Intermittent spikes in PSA levels do happen from time to time. There is no need to change anything we are doing for now. However, if the next two readings are also up, then we will begin to make some changes. First I will stop taking Casodex (the daily hormone blocker that only stops about 10% of testosterone production). Though this sounds wrong, Dr. Davis has said that in similar cases allowing your body to produce/release small amounts of testosterone can actually bring the PSA back down again. As always, he was VERY positive about the current situation.

My general practitioner recommended a new doctor yesterday. He is a radiation oncologist (Dr. Davis knew who he was). I hope to see him next week to discuss the back discomfort I have and just to get another opinion.

And now for more good news: the golf tournament is sold out! We could squeeze in one or two players if they show up on Monday, but at this point it looks like we'll have 32 teams! As I've previously mentioned we had hoped to raise $10K, it looks like we should exceed that without an issue. As of today, the forecast looks like 81 and sunny!
Emotional strength is just your mind reminding your body who's in charge.

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