September 12, 2005

Routines…..and blue jeans

Things are becoming somewhat routine lately. Not a lot of news personally or cancer related to report. My next PSA test is a week from Thursday, seems like yesterday that I was just getting this done? I also have a follow up with my general practitioner in two weeks, we are going to persue another referral for a general Oncologist. Based on what we continue to read, we're not confident that they are going to have any new opinions or options, but you never know. The hot flashes continue, every morning at 8 and usually throughout the night. I probably get 4-5 good hours of sleep a night, then I wake up between 3 and 4am. From then until 6am it's tossing and turning between outbreaks of sweat! It's about as enjoyable as it sounds.

Last week we celebrated a 9th birthday. It's amazing how quickly he has grown up! Third grade and nine years old!!! Why is it when we are young, time is at a stand still and as we age it seems to disappear?

We did spend Saturday at the Great Wolf Lodge. For those of you who've not been, it is basically a hotel built around a lodge theme with a water park in the middle. It was great fun, and the kids enjoyed themselves as well!

The golf tournament is progressing. The field is sure to be full and the sponsorships are starting to add up as well. The generosity of strangers is an amazing thing to witness. The tournament is three weeks away and I'm looking forward to us topping our goal!

I started reading Lance Armstrong's second book but have had to stop. The only time I can seem to find to read is right before bed. We've both found that if we read medical/cancer related books, prior to going to bed, it just makes sleeping very difficult.

I'm ready for Fall and a change of seasons and wardrobe, blue jeans,, crisp nights...disk golf in the woods...fireplaces, football...

That's it for now…..

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