July 21, 2005

I will.....

With just a few days and stages remaining, experts are saying that barring an accident, Lance Armstrong will win his seventh consecutive Tour de France. The guy is simply amazing in the cycling world and what he means to those of us living with cancer.

This train of though is relevant because lately I've been thinking about how I will feel, what life will be like etc in three, or five or ten years from now? For someone like Lance, he's been cancer free for years, it's with him but behind him ~ he's been cured. The majority of cancer survivors must go through stages similar to him; diagnosis, treatment, remission, cured. For me, the stages are: Diagnosis, treatment, treatment, treatment, …..?

Post treatment I would imagine most survivors biggest worry is "did the treatments get it all?". Their stress is waking everyday and wondering and waiting until the day they are tested and the results show no traces of the cancer. My stress is waking everyday wondering at what point my medication will stop working?
So these are my milestones, these are the things I roll out of bed each morning and work for, these are the things I live for and fight for:
- We will celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary (Aug 2006, no doubt! ~ at a minimum 25 in 2016!!!)
- I will celebrate my Grandmother's 100th Birthday in November
- I will see my niece graduate from college (May 2008, for sure ~ as long as she doesn’t begin a 5 year plan, no pressure Meg's!!)
- I will see my nephew graduate from high school (May 2009)
- I will see my son get his drivers license (September 2012)
- I will see my son graduate from high school (May 2014)
- I will live to see him graduate from college
- I will live to see him get married
- I will live to be a grandfather

I will live to be cured………

(Mark you calendars for October 3rd - 1:00pm The first annual FLWH Golf Tournament: details upcoming!!!)

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