July 31, 2005

1st Annual Golf Tournament!

The plans are coming together, we have a date, a course and are expecting a big crowd!

All the details are available at: www.FLHW.org

We hope you can make it!
Not a lot is new. We went to St. Louis last weekend. It was great to visit but we picked the hottest weekend of the year. We saw the Cardinals lose to the Cubs in 100 degree heat on Saturday but had a great time. Sunday we went to the Kirkwood pool/water park, the water slides made me feel like a kid again!!!

The second FLHW board meeting was held on the 28th. We dedicated most of the time discussing the golf tournament. We are confident we'll have enough players (120-130) but will have to work hard to get sponsors lined up in time. The goal for the first year is quite lofty at $10k and considering we just got started, we will have to work hard to meet it! The link is above, let me know if you have any questions.

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