May 12, 2005

My "sometime" is sooner.....

As I begin to write this, I will do my best to make it positive, because that's the way I want you to read the contents of today's post.

I scribbled this down one day last week, I'm not sure what triggered it? I haven't been down at all over that last few weeks so it must have been one of those fleeting moments. I am fully cognizant that those moments are normal, healthy, expected etc. , they are just the inevitable bump in the road. I also am aware that the key is to remain aware of them and work through them and keep the highs higher than the lows are low. Mary and I have done a great job so far (sorry for the pat on the back) but again, this was just a brief interlude for me.

We have all heard the adage "we all have to go sometime". Well, for whatever reason this is what was going though my mind at the time.

It's inevitable, we all go sometime
We live our lives, day to day,
knowing that "that" day, is many years ahead.

However, I have been cursed,
having to arise everyday,
knowing that I am one day closer
to "that" day,
and many years closer than you.

My death is now much more certain,
while yours remains,....forever probable.

Let me remind you of my comments above, I am not depressed, not even close! This again was a fleeting thought that I just happened to capture. I still have FAITH and HOPE and am blessed with your LOVE to help me WIN this battle!

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