June 19, 2012

That's a lot of 'ologists'!

On Monday I had my monthly Oncology appointment which included two shots, blood work and a brief meeting with the doctor. Due to my increased pain, which was becoming paralyzing, we wanted to talk further with the doctor to discuss treatment options and to develop a new plan of attack for these persistent PC cells that seem to be taking over my body. We went back today and talked with him about the treatments out there and a longer term plan.

Dr. V increased my pain meds and changed the steroid I am taking. I noticed changes for the better from both. I slept much better last night and overall, the pain decreased.

A bone scan was ordered and is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. The primary objective of the scan is to identify tumors that would be considered 'hot spots'. They may be the main source of my pain and could be targeted with radiation. Consequently, once my oncologist receives the scan results, he will talk with my Radiation Oncologist. We will meet with the RO on Tuesday morning to find out if he thinks there is a radiation therapy that may alleviate my pain. We also discussed chemotherapy and the two early access trials I mentioned here last week. In order to receive the treatments in early access, I would have to be approved and of course, both would involve travel as well. In order to consider treatments with travel, I will have to first get my pain under control. Having spent seven consecutive days in bed, it was all I could do this week just to get to the KU cancer center.

For now we won't look too far ahead. We are praying the new doses of pain medicine will continue to counter my pain. On Monday we will head back to the cancer center to discuss the bone scan results with the oncologist and will also have a follow up consult with the surgeon who  performed my surgery in May.

That is all for now. We are taking things one day at a time.Thank you for your past and continued prayers. It really helps to know we have all the support that we do!!


Sherry Luttrell said...

Hi David- (this is Terence)

I identify with all you have to share- it's a tough road we're on however, I believe we can encourage one another and continue to take steps ahead small or large.

Take care my brother-
Terence Luttrell

LeftTenant said...


Anonymous said...

You'll always be a super hero to me David. Ruthie and I are praying and hoping you get a break soon. Tony

Bill Manning said...


You are a super hero to me and I am also hoping and praying that you get a break soon. I am sure it is really difficult to keep up dating this blog but thanks for doing it.

Bill Manning

Marylanders said...

Praying that those pain relievers kick in soon. And praying for strength for you, your family and your doctors as you confront this terrible disease.

swatimittal@yahoo.com said...


hang in there..things will get better..You are always in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you,
Tracy T

Aimee said...

'hoping for pain reduction and a clear plan of attack.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Still here. Still praying and hoping for you and Mary - and still amazed by your Faith, courage and fortitude.

love and prayers from across the pond.