June 12, 2012

An overdue update

I'm sure you have all realized the frequency of my posts has dropped considerably. A few of you have written to express your concern. I appreciate all your comments. No worries...I'm still here, but the battle and how we fight it have both changed considerably.  The pain and amount of pain meds that I must take to manage the pain has increased significantly. Unfortunately, a side effect of the pain meds is that I am frequently groggy and I guess less creative. Both lead to fewer posts.

Next Monday we go to see the doctor for my monthly shots. We are planning to have a discussion about my current state and see if there is something I can change. Perhaps a few short doses of radiation would alleviate the pain and then I would not require such a high dose of pain medication. Another option may be to pursue the expanded access program  for Alpharadin. Currently, the closest active site is St. Louis, which would be a quick four hour drive from here. Chemo remains an option as well and will also be considered. The main thing I am looking for is pain relief as quickly as possible, while not jeopardizing my eligibility for other trials in the future.
MDV3100 is still on the horizon!
I promise to provide a more timely update after our appointment on Monday.

Please understand that I'm still here, battling everyday, and still determined to not succumb to this hideous disease, but I am just a little distracted by some of the ugly aspects of this disease.


Anonymous said...

Angels in your pocket as you continue your journey ^j^

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update - hoping Monday brings some better options for pain relief and future treatments.

Thoughts and prayers with you,

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the fight - you are an inspiration to all of engaged in this desease.

Prayers are with you..


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you and I look at your website almost daily. Thanks for taking the time to update us even though you probably didn't feel up to it. Faith-Love-Hope--they are great!!