September 08, 2011

The true warriors

While I was quietly having a little self-celebration for making it four days without Advil or pain meds, I received updates on a few friends whose Prostate Cancer battles have taken new turns.  For the first time in several weeks I was able to get through four straight days without taking Advil and sleeping without Oxycodone. Last night the streak ended when the pain returned in the back of my rib cage, where it continues today. I am leery to even mention my aches and pains after the news I received on my friends Eric and Terrance.

I met Eric at a Prostate Cancer conference in Los Angeles back in 2006. A now retired firefighter and motorcycle enthusiast, Eric recently began having severe back pain that landed him in the hospital. It initially appeared to be related to PCa and though he still needs to meet with a few other specialists, the source of the pain appears to be from an old accident and not the cancer. Skipping the details, his T4 vertebrae is collapsing and pressing on his spinal column. I can imagine all the scenarios that must have gone through his mind in the last few days, attributing everything to the cancer. Though now that it appears that it is not PCa related, that does nothing to relieve his pain. Eric, God’s speed brother, I’m praying for you.

The second person is Terrance. Though just two years into this journey, this disease is wreaking havoc on his body. Though he somehow found the strength to go salmon fishing the last several weeks, he now faces surgery to relieve the pain that is apparently being caused by swollen lymph nodes and an enlarged prostate. If that wasn’t enough, this will be followed by chemotherapy to fight off the advancement of the prostate cancer. Terrance – I pray for a speedy recovery and that you are back casting lines before winter!

I share these stories and ask that you spend a minute praying for or sending positive energy their way. My little bouts with Advil, mild pain meds, etc. are nothing compared to what these guys are going through right now. These are the true warriors.

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