September 30, 2011

A Capital affair

On Tuesday the 20th, I left for my visit to Boston at 4:30am. Though this was my first check-up after starting the latest clinical trial, it was just a check-up and only standard blood tests were run. I won't  get a view of my scans until I return on October 11th. The Boston leg of the trip and the visit with the doctor were non-eventful.  When I finished I was then off to Washington, DC for 'The Summit to End Prostate Cancer". I attended the same event last year, but was more excited to return in 2011.
Aside from the opportunity to meet and speak with our elected officials (Kansas Senator Pat Roberts),

I was also anxious to finally get to meet in person a few on-line friends that I have know for years.
First was Tony from Las Vegas. We were diagnosed around the same time. He initially contacted me via email, but over the years we have talked on the phone, instant message and of course Facebook. He's a great guy and a wonderful champion for our cause. I hope the people in Las Vegas realize what a resource they have in him!

Finally I visited with Sherry G. from New Mexico. She lost her son to prostate cancer when he was only 36. Sherry, much like Tony, is an outspoken advocate for all men. Not just those fighting the disease but also those men that should be and need to be screened.
Though tiring, it was a wonderful three days in Washington, DC. To Congressman Yoder and Sentors Roberts and Moran - please do your part and continue to fund cancer, and more specifically prostate cancer research.

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Anonymous said...

it was a great trip, David. Do you remember what I relayed to you that Senator Reid told me in confidence when we talked about cancer?

I hate cancer...Even though I am not generally with the Senator politically, I do appreciate when someone looks me in the eye and speaks a humbling truth...