January 12, 2011

It's a good news, bad news, more news story

Good news I got into the Abiraterone clinical trial (assuming my EKG is normal). Also, due to an awesome clinical trial manager, the plan is to meet with the doctor, have blood work done, meet with the clinical trial nurse and have the EKG on day one. Then two days later, assuming all tests are within range, I'll meet with the doctor and begin taking the medication. This will alleviate a return trip 4 or 5 days later.

The bad news is I am going to be traveling to Atlanta on a bi-weekly basis until a site closer to home opens up.
There are rumors of a location in Omaha (3 hour drive) or even at KU Cancer Center opening soon, but based on experience, 'soon' could range from from forever to never. I will remain positive, as always.

The more news portion is that after the initial trip I can fly back and forth to Atlanta on the same day and direct from KC! I'll scout it out but from the Google map I might be able to take the MARTA to within a mile or two of the doctor's office, catch a cab, have the appointment and then do it all in reverse. So in one day I will leave Kansas City bright and early and be back home by 10pm. So the logistics may be a bit of a challenge, but most important, we are hopeful that I will be able to receive the treatment that will get the cancer under control and my PSA will take a turn in the right direction.


Arno said...

Hi Dave,

is this still the Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Abiraterone ?

I read that:
"In September 2010, an independent panel found that the interim results of the Phase III clinical trial were so successful that all patients who were receiving the placebo in the trial began receiving the drug. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Abiraterone, will be allowed to make the drug available to some prostate cancer patients prior to final FDA approval through the FDA Compassionate Use Program."

I suppose you belong in the latter category. I hope so much this will be succesful.

David E said...

Arno - not sure how else to reply?
No, the Abiraterone trial has been opened for 'Expanded Use', meaning they have removed the placebo component. They are doing this in order to accumulate as much data as possible before going to the FDA for approval later this year.

Anonymous said...

But think of all the frequent flier miles you'll accumulate!

Anonymous said...

David , This is great news.
The flying non stop and in one day will certainly make it nice.I am wondering if the airlines will offer a special rate for frequent medical flights.
Know that You are included in my Prayers.
Dan J

Anonymous said...

Great news, David. I am hearing FDA approval may come as soon as April, but as you said, who knows. Anyway, so happy you have been accepted and should have access to the drug very soon.

Your friend,

Sherry Luttrell said...

That is great news David. Terence & I wish you well and hope that your travel plans all fall into place, as well as all the other logistics not yet known!

Here's to your great success!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for miraculous results David!

- Swimmer & The Girls

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news David! Thinking of you & your family and as always hoping for the best!
Your Florida friends Don & Susan

Anonymous said...

I pray for the best possible results. Miracles are all around us. There is every reason to believe in a miracle at any time. At any time, any day with or without a new drug God may step in, touch you with the slighest breeze in the wind, lay His hands upon you with the morning sunlight, wash you clean in a wooded creek, shine light upon you in your darkest moment. David God loves you and He is here for you. He surrounds you every day and every monment in everything that you do.

Anonymous said...

I too have been offered Abiraterone.

Have you started yours yet?

Any side effects to report?
What dosage?
With or without Prednisone?

Anonymous said...

David, now my father has been taking Abiraterone 1.5 months, 4 pills a day combined with prednisone 5mg. The PSA has dropped from 1,400 to 732 in 3 weeks and even bone diseases have declined.
This treatment we have achieved by buying directly from the drug Janssen in each pot, 120 pills a month of treatment.