August 13, 2010

Keep on keeping on

I don't think the nervousness ever goes away? Does it? It' been five and a half years and I still get a little nervous before going to the doc. It's probably the worst when those visits involve blood tests and a PSA test in particular.

Today this feeling isn't as bad as it has been at other times. I'm still feeling really good and the side-effects of June's radiation treatments is completely gone. I still have to forgo strenuous physical activity for a few more weeks, this will make today's charity golf tournament, in the 99 degree heat even more fun. It's for a good cause and I really hope my putter can help contribute.

Summer has evaporated and school starts in less than two weeks. Eighth grade for Brad, I can't believe it!
Post script: 9pm
My PSa test came in at 30, down another 40% from last month! It hasn't been this low in almost two years. Wow, did that make my day.

I followed that up with a great day on the golf course. How insightful the note from this morning (above) turned out to be: I won the longest putt contest (a 50 footer) and made two others from over 25 ft.

I guess for once I need not say more.


Anonymous said...

David , Truly a great day for you , and My feeling is that your psa is dropping like a rock and that it will continue down to a number that will be manageble for a long long time . I notice that this drop started at over 200 when You started DES in march . It will be a great day when genetic profiling will tell us what therapies will work for different Men.
Yesterday My psa was down from 7.11 to 4.68 although it was a different lab,We decided to stay the course.
Dan J

Anonymous said...

This is the best news I've read or heard in a loooooong time. That is awesome David!

- Kirk