August 24, 2010

Beach bum

We spent last week in Naples, FL
It was delightful and just what we needed to end the summer.

I was supposed to see Dr. V for my monthly appointment on Monday, so we had to do some shuffling of appointments.  Last Friday I had my Lupron shot and Zometa infusion, as well as the necessary blood test. Being that it was Friday the 13th, I was leery to get the results. Mary wanted to see them before we left for the trip, so on our way out the nurse printed us a copy.

My PSA dropped another 40% and now stands at 30.8.

This is the lowest it's been in two years!  Let's hear it for the radiation treatments!!

This news made it much easier to get up on Saturday morning before dawn to catch a 6:30am flight to Fort Meyers! We then proceeded to enjoy our time in Naples.We didn't do much except eat, lay by the pool and sit on our balcony and listen to the surf. It was fantastic.We took a trip down to Marco Island one day and another day drove up to Sanibel and Captiva.

Since returning home, we checked in with Dr. V, but it was a very short visit given the PSA result.
So now we transition back into school mode and planning for the upcoming golf tournament. In addition,
the job search continues. I've applied for a few positions of interest and even had a few phone interviews
but nothing solid has surfaced yet.

For now we will attempt to enjoy a few good weeks on this crazy ride that is our life!

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