November 09, 2009

Did you feel that? I did!!!

I had my monthly doctor appointment today and it well on all accounts.

First, I'm not sure what they changed with the process but it was more efficient than ever!
Way to go KU Cancer Center!

My PSA currently stands at 93.08, that is down from 101.46 last month!
It seems that the current regime of medications continue to keep things stable.

On another note, it seems I may have re-aggravated my right leg, again. The weather in KC this
past weekend was unseasonably warm, well into the 70's. Given that, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play disc golf both Saturday and Sunday morning. Can you blame me? Sunday morning I had a really bad up hill shot through some trees and I twisted rather strangely on my follow through. I felt a sharp pain in my right hip and thigh for a few seconds, but as I walked off to the next shot it dissipated immediately.

It didn't really bother me the rest of the round as witnessed by my beating the other two players. (I won't name them to save them from the public embarrassment.) The pain didn’t surface again until trying to sleep last night and again today. Walking is fine but sitting and turning on the hip is tender.

We discussed this in detail with Dr. V and decided we will just be patient and see if it goes away like it had previously. Aside from Advil the only other option would be stronger pain killers and then radiation if it becomes persistent. I'm no where near that condition. It's good to know what the options are should the pain increase.

With the drop in my PSA we have another 28 day reprieve. This time there is likely to be much less disc golf in between visits!


John Wagner said...

Good to hear things are stable. Stable is good. My blood tests were today and the report is stable also. Pray the pain is gone soon.

Anonymous said...

David , That is a great one month response to keto the second time .
I was at the Drs yesterday as well , I am stable except for nilandron causing elevated lfts.