October 04, 2009

It fell upon us....

After having a fantastically mild summer, Fall fell with immediacy!
The leaves are changing, the morning temperatures are in the low 40's and
thoughts of turning on the heat are dancing in my head. It's too early though!

Saturday was BUSY! A quick round of disc golf and then I attacked the fence replacement
project I had been putting off for weeks. OK, before I bore you to death with my fence project
bringing it up has a purpose.

I have said here on numerous occasions that I am constantly amazed by the kindness of friends and strangers. Yesterday as I began the deconstruction part of the project my neighbor stepped through the newly created opening between our yards and announced "Since we share the fence, what can I do to help!" You'll notice the punctuation, is not a questions mark, he did not pose it as a question. So, six hours later, after removing the old and installing most of the new, I couldn't thank him enough. I once again thank God for the people in my life, whether they be family, close friends, neighbors or strangers.

This week includes a flurry of tests. Tuesday I will spend most of the day at the KU Cancer Center being poked, injected, scanned and x-rayed. I'm not sure what to expect when we review the results on the 12th with Dr. V. Once again, I feel great, after all I was able to spend 6 hours in the yard and the only part of me that hurts is my wrist from the reciprocating saw.
So what will these tests bring? Where will they lead us on this crazy journey? The uncertainty at this point can be a bit distracting. Mary and I are doing our best to not dwell on it at this point in time. No decision will be made on the 12th, since we hope to reach back out to Dr. L in Houston before our next decision. So it will be a few weeks and I'm just not sure what options
we will embrace....Stay tuned.

I promised pictures from the golf tournament and though I am waiting for more to come in I've decided just to post what I have for now.
I'll try to post these tonight.

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