May 19, 2009

Words to live by...

It's been a long time since I created a 'wordle'. If you are familiar go to You can link to a blog or just provide a list of words. This was created using all of the tags I have used in my blog over the years. Click for a link to a larger version.

Wordle: Prostate Cancer

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Anonymous said...

I have gone back and read several of your earliest blog entries, but you never mentioned your symptoms that took you to the doctor. Most of the websites are for men over 50, what are signs or symptoms for men under 50?
I'm just curious, my 43 yr old husband has an appointment today. He has been having problems for over a month and has gotten very uncomfortable the past 3 days so he finally broke down and told me last night. We're hoping for just an infection also. Just curious if you had a list for the under50 crowd.
Thanks, and you'll be in my prayers.